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NETFA: Webinars on FGM/C 

Throughout 2022-2024, NETFA is hosting a series of webinars with our national partners across Australia, to exchange knowledge on the latest research and efforts to end FGM/C as well as support communities affected by FGM/C, in the Australian context.

You can find the webinars on the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health YouTube channel.

NETFA downloadable resources on FGM/C 

Globally Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting is considered a violation of human rights.

FGM/C has been documented in 28 countries in Africa and several countries in Asia and the Middle East. Reasons for practising FGM/C vary between countries, cultures and communities. However it commonly occurs because of a combination of social, economic and culturally ingrained beliefs around gender. As such it reflects deep-rooted inequality between the sexes and is a form of discrimination against women.

A global commitment to end FGM/C has seen the introduction of a range of programs to educate, support, advocate and change beliefs. Those that have been successful in promoting lasting change tend to operate at the community level and engage everyone – girls, women, boys and men.

This website provides information on FGM/C, some personal stories, as well as a range of research papers and resources suitable for those who want to advocate for change.


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