Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting National Education Toolkit in Australia
The National Education Toolkit for Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting Awareness

FGM/C programs in South Australia

Women’s Health Service

The SA Refugee Health Service (RHS) is a specialist health service for newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers in South Australia. The RHS focuses on new arrival families and individuals with complex health and psycho-social needs and provides free early intervention and holistic clinical services which promote health and psychosocial wellbeing. The RHS Women’s Health Program includes weekly medical and nursing women’s sexual and reproductive health clinics and women’s health education sessions delivered by bi cultural health workers. RHS clinical staff are skilled in providing appropriate management and referral for women who are affected by FGM/C. RHS staff provide professional development support to mainstream health providers on FGM/C and other refugee health specific topics, on request. All women and girls in SA affected by FGM/C are eligible to access services through the RHS Women’s Health Program.

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Jan Williams

Nurse Unit Manager / Refugee Health Service (formerly the Migrant Health Service)

Phone: +61 (08) 8237 3912

21 Market Street
Adelaide 5000


FGM/C Programs in Australia

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