Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting National Education Toolkit in Australia
The National Education Toolkit for Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting Awareness

FGM/C programs in New South Wales

New South Wales Education Program on Female Genital Mutilation (NSWFGM)

Founded in 1995 under the Sydney West Area Health Service, the NSW program has a strong community education focus. It provides formal training to bilingual community workers and professional development workshops to health and other professional sectors working with FGM/C affected communities. Its education program for women, Women’s Health and Traditions in a New Society (WHATINS), began in 1999 and is run by bilingual community workers (BCWs) over 11 sessions. The success of WHATINS has led to a complementary program for men. As a state-wide service, NSWFGM undertakes a yearly rural outreach program, holds Cultural Day Health Promotion events and has developed a number of comprehensive resources (accessible online).

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NSW Education Program on FGM

Phone: +61 (02) 9840 3877


FGM/C Programs in Australia

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