Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting National Education Toolkit in Australia
The National Education Toolkit for Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting Awareness

FGM/C programs in the A.C.T.

Canberra Health Services - Women’s Health Service

Responsibility for FGC/M training and health education programs has been held by The Women’s Health Service, a division of Canberra Health Services (CHS), since early 2013. It was developed in response to the National Program for Prevention of FGM that was founded in 1996. The FGC/M program run by The Women’s Health Service includes an e-learning for CHS health professionals and a face to face training under development; as well as tailored information sessions for women within the community. The Women’s Health Service also offers cervical screens to vulnerable women as part of a holistic health assessment; in addition a nurse practitioner and medical officer are available for one on one consultations relating to any aspect of a vulnerable woman’s health, including sexual and reproductive health.

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Joanna Ruiseco

Health Promotion and Liaison Nurse

Phone: +61 (02) 5124 1787


FGM/C Programs in Australia

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